Depression In Old People: Common Signs and How Deal With The Problem

Within the last few years, the number of individuals suffering from depression has shot up. Interestingly, old people are largely affected, and they currently contribute the largest percentage of individuals suffering from depression. This condition is fast becoming one of the biggest concerns. More than ever, people are being advised to seek help immediately before things get out of hand. Here is what you need to know about depression in old people.

Signs Of Depression In Old People

First, recognizing depression in old people starts with knowing what the real signs are. If you are taking care of an oldnjrnjri person, here are some major depression red flags you should always look out for;

· Feeling of despair and sadness

· Loss on interest in socializing

· Sleep problems like staying awake or oversleeping

· Neglecting personal care like taking bathing

· Sudden weight loss

How To Deal With A Depressed Person

Dealing with a depressed person can be quite complicated. Thankfully, through some ways, you can help him or her cope with the condition. Here is what you can do.

Show Some Love To Them

Just like what you do to your kids, show some love to the old people. They need to feel your love and care. Create time and have a little chat with them. Talk about how the feel and ask them how best you can provide the kind of care they need.

Let Them Participate In Some Activities

Truth be told, depression is less likely to manifest if the body and mind are kept active. For this reason, suggest some activities and let them participate. For example, you can prepare that small vegetable garden together, play chess, or you do any other thing they love doing.

Provide Healthy Meals

A poor diet is one of the biggest contributors of depression. So make sure your old man is eating right. Some of the foods you should include in your daily meals include whole grains, fruits, and fresh vegetables.

Take Them To Support Groups

hbvhbnthnjIf you know a center in town where people who are going through the same challenges often meet and talk; take him or her there. These are some of the safest and conducive places to share experiences, encouragement and most importantly advice on how to cope with depression.

Provide Supportive Counseling

During free time, take him or her for some religious and peer counseling. With them having a chat with someone can help ease loneliness and hopelessness of depression. In short, at the end of it all; he or she will have found new meaning and purpose in life.