What to Expect after Consuming Magic Mushroom

Magic mushrooms are recreational drugs that have been in use for quite a long time. Their effects may differ from sublime to very intense, which could also be quite terrifying. The impact also varies from one magic mushroom type to another. You may be wondering what outcomes to expect if you intend to enjoy some shroom. In our case, we had fun when we dropped acid we ordered from GMM . The most consumed psychoactive magic mushrooms belong to the psilocybe genus, which has some compounds like psilocin, psilocybin, and baeocystin.

So, what are some of the things you can expect after consuming magic mushrooms?

Auditory Hallucinations

auditory hallucinationsAfter a session of enjoying the shroom, you may find that sounds appear enhanced or distorted in some ways. It would not be a surprise to hear some music sounding quite awesome while on these products.

You may also not hear some music being pleasant. Some people have completely had a change of musical tastes after experiencing music while high on psychedelics.

Visual Enhancement

There is a variation from one person to another when it comes to the visuals. While some people experience more external vision, others get sharper inner visions. Mostly, the mushrooms make one experience the world more vividly.

The colors become brighter, and while walking on grass, you could get the impression that the world is breathing. Seeing trails is a common thing, for example, as you watch birds flying across the sky or look at people or other things move. Besides, you could spot human faces on rocks, trees, and other things.

Emotional Release

emotional releaseAt times, users of psilocybin mushroom get to visit some traumatic events in their lives from a different perspective. This enables them to heal from those harrowing experiences.

Accompanying the process of revisiting the traumatic happenings are cathartic emotional release characterized by crying, hysterical laughing, and others. This results in a feeling of a new self and lightness. The current scientific studies suggest that psilocybin mushrooms can treat PTSD, depression, and the end of life anxieties.

Body Pleasure

The magic mushroom users have indicated that they experience a physical feeling of being ecstatic. There is a heightening of the bodily sensations. Due to the uplifted spirits, dance, yoga, and massage come out as some of the most amazing things to go through while on the shrooms.