Scabies Preventive Measures

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If you want to know about scabies preventive measures, you must first understand a little about it and how it affects you. Scabies is an infection of the skin which is caused by mites which burrow under the skin, where it lives and reproduces. It is believed that being unclean makes you more likely to get scabies. There are several scabies prevention measures that can be practiced to eliminate it from spreading. Scabies is contiguous, and it can be easily transmitted from one person to another by direct skin to skin contact.

Effective preventive measures

Practice good hygiene

Scabies Preventive Measures

It is very important to practice this scabies preventive measures because it is the basic thing that has to be done. Ensure that you wash your body by scrubbing it daily. This is because scabies burrows deep into the layers of the body when they are left undetected, therefore you need to scrub your body and scalp because it helps you identify when scabies is present. When you practice this scabies prevention measure every day, you will prevent the mites from burrowing into the skin and causing infection.

Clean clothes and linen regularly

Cleaning your clothes, beddings, and linen regularly helps you to remove termites which might have contacted the without you knowing. This is useful because it prevents termites from traveling into your body from your clothes. Wash your beds and towels regularly using dryer heat, which will obviously eliminate the termites due to extreme heat. Make sure you do not share unclean towels dirty and unwashed bed linens or even unwashed clothes. This will help you prevent the transmission of scabies.

Avoid skin to skin contact

These are very crucial scabies preventive measures you can practice in the case where you live with a victim of scabies. Try as much as possible to avoid contacting people with this infection because scabies is very contiguous and it can be easily transmitted from one person to another by direct skin to skin contact. Even though it is difficult to tell if a person has this infection, but this is your responsibility to only engage in skin to skin contact with those people whom you know well.

Vacuum often

Parasites are capable of hiding anywhere in your room, and this calls for your attention to eliminate them. You eliminate mites by vacuuming everywhere in your house especially in the coaches and the other furniture or even the floor. This will prevent the mites from getting into your body from the furniture you use. Use the vacuum attachment to reach underneath your coaches and in between the furniture.

Treat the entire household

bedWhenever one member of your family in infected in the house, all other people are at risk to contract scabies. Therefore, the best scabies preventive measures you could take if to have the victim treated to prevent transferring of mites to one another. You can use tropical creams recommended by a professional physician that kill mites and their eggs. You can do the oral medication in your home to keep off the infection