How Physical Therapy Helps Elderly People With Diseases

After living for a long period, our bones, joints, and muscles wear down. This is because our body lose the ability to regain its function. Therefore, we need extra support to stabilize our wellness and health. The only help that can be of value to people with this condition is the physical therapy. There are several ways that you can receive your treatment based on your condition.

The treatment that is used to help to rebuild your bone mass is the strength training. It is considered because of the increased blood flow in the bones. The elderly who are at home can be helped by the physical therapists through the outpatient facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and living centers. The Medicare, therefore, will cover for all the therapy costs involved with pain management and rehabilitation.

The ability to receive the independent mobility without involving canes or walkers is one of the benefits that many elderly patients get from the physical therapy. Also, most of the elderly patients are required to get the best treatment on their posture and also therapists are required to improve the coordination, strength, and balance of the elderly patients. This will later lead to a quality life in the coming years. Therefore, the following are some of the ways that show how physical therapy helps elderly patients with these diseases

Cerebral palsy

This is a disorder of posture, muscle tone, or movement that is brought about by the problem that is caused when the patient’s brain is developing. This mostly occurs before birth. The patients that have the disorder suffer from uncontrolled movements, abnormal posture, exaggerated movements, and imbalance. Therefore, physical therapy helps the elderly patients with cerebral palsy by providing them with exercise routines that prevent joint problems.

Multiple sclerosis

This is a disease that affects the brain and the entire body as well as it deteriorates the nerves. This disease can be noted depending on the damage of the nerve, and this damage will lead to losing of ability to walk again. But the only solution to this problem are the physical therapists that can give routines on the aquatic exercise, aerobic exercise, and yoga that will improve the balance of the patient, therefore, gain the ability to walk.

Parkinson’s disease

This is the disorder of the nervous system. It affects the body movements of a person. But the physical therapy helps the elderly patients by providing regular exercises that will improve their posture, balance, and the body’s mobility.

Benefits Of Exercising With A Recumbent Bike

Recumbent Bike is perhaps the most comfortable of all the stahtionary bikes. These bikes offer the best workout for people of all kind, weight, size and ability levels because a recumbent bike is designed so that a person can sit lower to the ground as legs are extended in front. This bike also has a comfortable reclining seat which offers a person comfort and reduces stress exerted on the upper part of the body and joints on the legs. If you want to have a longer workout, think of this recumbent bike as it is suited for comfort without compromising the quality of the workout. Now, let us get to the benefits of exercising with a recumbent bike.

Exercising Benefits With A Recumbent Bike

Cardiovascular benefitpoiutryiuopoiuytyuio

Exercising using a recumbent bike has lots of benefits to the heart. This is because any exercise improves the tenacity of the heart, absorption, and use of oxygen, and by so doing strengthen the heart and the lungs. Besides, regular cardiovascular activities will decrease blood pressure and even ease the breathing.

A wide range of muscles are exercised

The benefits of cycling to the muscles can be gained. Recumbent bike exercising help in building the muscles in the buttocks, legs and thighs thus helping you build a very lean and attractive body. Furthermore, the seating posture in a recumbent bike helps in targeting a wide range of muscles in your lower part of the body, for instance, the thigh’s quadriceps and hamstrings.

Offers safety and comfort

Perhaps this is one most attractive feature of the recumbent bike. As earlier mentioned, the recumbent bike has a very enticing seating posture, with your legs in front of you, contrary to the upright bike where you have to stand up on the pedals, which can be very uncomfortable and put a lot of stress on the joints. It also has a large reclining seat which affords you a lot of comfort as you workout.

This makes the recumbent bike safe for all people of various abilities and conditions. Even those people with neurological conditions and arthritis will comfortably exercise using this bike. This enticing comfort will motivate you to keep exercising regularly and longer.

Helps in losing weight and general body strengthening

lkuytyuioiuyuioBecause of physical activity associated with exercising, calories are burned leading to weight management. Besides, the building of muscles in the thighs, buttocks and legs helps in general body strengthening and bringing about of a lean and attractive body.

In conclusion, cycling generally is a very excellent way to spruce up your body and achieve that body you had always admired. Click here for more Recumbent bike reviews. With a recumbent bike, you can easily lose weight and strengthen your heart.