Monalisa Touch Vaginal Laser Treatment

Almost a third of women in Melbourne have heard about the latest vaginal rejuvenation treatments. The most popular being, vaginal atrophy, vaginal laxity and lubrication losses using high-end lasers. They all aim at rejuvenating the skin in, and around the vaginal canal The procedures are more helpful for women who have given birth or those experiencing aging or laxity of the vaginal canal and labial skin. The laser treatment help in the following ways:

  • Improves vaginal lubrication- many women complain about vaginal dryness after radiation treatments or menopause. Monalisa Touch can help you get your wetness back.
  • Reduces vaginal laxity
  • It improves vaginal skin resiliency and skin collagen.
  • Helps in tightening and firming labial skin.
  • Reduces cases of painful sexual intercourse
  • Reduce urinary stress incontinence. Serves patients suffering mild incontinence.
  • Improves sexual pleasure hence better sexual relationships.

Does the Laser Treatment Hurt?

sad coupleTypically, the MonaLisa laser technology should be pain-free. It might, however, sting for some time if you are treating the skin around the labia. Patients say that you will need to keep the treated areas dry for some time and avoid strenuous activities after the procedure. Tight undergarments should be avoided as well. But generally, you will be surprised how pain-free the treatment is. The procedure takes the shortest time and results seen after three months. Some patients even notice changes after the first and second treatment.

Results of Monalisa Touch Treatments

To get the best effects of the laser treatments, patients are advised to undergo a minimum of three treatments. This should be done in three consecutive months.

How It Works

  • happy coupleThe laser is attached through a six-inch probe and inserted into the vagina.
  • Since the vagina is cylindrical and long, the laser focuses on the vaginal tissues only.
  • It is then withdrawn and turned slowly to reach all the sides of the vagina on the way out.
  • You should not experience any pain from the procedure, but if you want the labia to be treated, it might feel a bit sensitive.
  • For fast recovery, pat the area dry for some days and stay away from strenuous activities and tight undergarments. In case of anything unusual contact your doctor.